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Fathom It Offers Eight-Step Approach to Marketing Success

Fathom It Distributing is a company dedicated to helping inventors and business owners successfully market their products. To that end, Fathom It has created an eight-step approach to marketing success and is sharing it with business owners around the country.

According to Fathom It Distributing experts, one out of ten new products fail, often due to faulty distribution and marketing channels. Before spending the time to develop a product, it is important to understand the market for that particular item. Fathom It Distributing offers an eight-step approach to marketing success to ensure that all products have the right marketing strategy.

The eight steps of this strategy are easy to remember because they create the acronym F.A.T.H.O.M.I.T. Using the Fathom It strategy, business owners can find the right times and places to market their products without losing sight of the financial bottom line involved in a product launch.

F stands for finalizing the overall product concept and benefit to the customer. It is critical that marketers understand how customers will benefit from their products so that they can promote those advantages.

A stands for analyzing the potential target market. Market analysis is critical to understanding what type of advertising will best reach the target group.

T stands for testing the product idea and conducting market research. Testing can identify potential problems and can lead to deeper insights into possible marketing strategies.

H stands for having a prototype made. It is crucial to have a working model of the product in order to interest potential investors and to identify possible functional issues.

O stands for obtaining intellectual property protection. This should be done for any new product to protect the creator's interests.

M stands for market introduction planning, in which plans focus on product launches.

I stands for integrate logo, packaging, sales and marketing materials. Having a brand with continuity is very important for present and future marketing efforts.

T stands for testing an initial production run with the right manufacturer while establishing the right distribution or licensing.

With help from Fathom It, new product marketing can be simpler and more successful for entrepreneurs and inventors than for those who attempt to break into the market without proper support.

About Fathom It Distributing: Drew Nugent, founder of Fathom It Distributing, has been a successful advertising and marketing consultant with prominent media companies for more than 15 years. Drew launched Fathom It Distributing in 2008 to help business owners launch their unique products successfully. Drew has launched his own Water Jet Power Washer through several important channels including "As Seen On T.V."